The many class types at the Yoga Room are designed to target your specific needs!

Beginner’s Course

Suitable for all ages and flexibility levels. It is run over 8 weeks, and no experience is required. A series of primary postures will be taught, making frequent use of
props to help you work in a range of movement that is safe and effective for you. Emphasis is on correct breathing and body alignment, resulting in flexibility,
endurance and strength.


A general class for students who have attended yoga classes previously.


For students with a minimum of 6-12 months Iyengar yoga experience who are comfortable with inversions and backbends.

Lunchtime Yoga

A one hour class suitable for all levels of students from beginner’s to experienced.

Restorative and Pranayama

Gentle class for health and well being with a focus on Pranayama (breath control).

Group Practice

Open to all levels of students who wish to practice without assistance. The Yoga Room facilities are offered free to current cardholders. A fee of $10 is applicable to non-current card cardholders.


Corporate Classes

Corporate yoga classes are designed specifically for each workplace. These classes can be arranged to suit the time and equipment of the organisation. Corporate classes increase team camaraderie making the work environment more creative, productive and enjoyable.

Private Yoga Lessons

These provide you with a space in which you can connect more with your own body, mind and spirit. You will be given individualized attention from your yoga instructor, who will design a program especially for your requirement. These classes are designed for people with special need, and students who wish to have personal instructions on how to improve their own home practice. Pre-bookings are required.