Handcrafted Wooden Yoga Props

These props are hand made using environmentally friendly structural plywood. They are finished with a tough water-based sealer and polished with beeswax resulting in a smooth durable furniture quality finish. They are made to order, so a one to two week waiting period is expected. Discounts are given for bulk orders. Please email the Yoga Room for bulk order enquiries.

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    Foldaway backbender

    Amazingly strong with the dovetail jointed slats. This versatile prop made to the Iyengar specifications is ideal for many uses. Currently out of stock.
    Price: $ 550

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    Great for opening tight shoulders and hips. Also, may be used for setubundhasana (bridge pose)
    Size 220mm (w) x 345mm (h) x 1200mm (l) Price: $ 375

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    Made to Iyengar specifications and very tough.
    Small Stool 405mm (w) x 405mm (l) x 405mm (h) Price: $ 345
    Large Stool 425mm (w) x 425mm (l) x 775mm (h) Price: $ 390

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    Yoga bricks

    Rectangular and square crosssectional blocks. Also, the quarter round block. These are all hollow, super strong and lightweight.
    Square end (100mm x 100mm x 225mm) Price: $ 25
    Rectangular end (155mm x 100mm x 225mm) Price: $ 29
    Quarter round (100mm x 100mm x 225mm) Price: $ 35

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    Slanting Plank

    Price: $ 22

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