You cannot do yoga

Yoga is your natural state

It is through the acute awareness and speed of action that we cultivate in asana and pranayama that we can transform ourselves.

—B.K.S. IYENGAR (Light on Life, p140)

We are committed to helping you set up the correct yoga foundation so that you can receive the full benefits of yoga. As well as our regular classes, we offer Beginner courses to set up your yoga practice, Intensives to deepen your practice, and yoga workshops that inspire.

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Maurice McCann

Started yoga in his late teens but developed a more serious study and practice in his early 20s. After a 7 year break, in his mid-30s Maurice re-commenced this practice and yoga journey with an Iyengar teacher. This led to the commencement of a teacher training program under the tutelage of John Leebold and Marina Jung in 2000 which was completed in 2003 at age 40.

Prompted by the amazing teaching of Geeta Iyengar in a visit to Australia in 2003, Maurice applied for and was accepted into classes at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India. He spent 2 months attending classes with Geetaji and Prashantji at the institute in 2005 and has continued a regular pilgrimage to the institute. He started on-line classes with Prashantji at the end of the Covid lockdown and continues these online classes to this day.

Maurice has been teaching for over 24 years. He has run numerous workshops, retreats, intensives and at last count over 10,000 regular classes. Late 2023 Maurice made the switch from regular classroom classes to personalized one-on-one yoga sessions. He now works with individuals at all levels of experience, from beginners to teachers, to guide and support them on their yoga journeys.

Alongside yoga Maurice enjoys music (learning and playing guitar and drums), the ocean, and bushwalking. He enjoys building, customising and fine tuning high end guitars as well as gardening.

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