What is Iyengar Yoga

The awareness of the interplay between the mind and body differentiates yoga from most popular western forms of exercise. It is particularly relevant to modern living; it is the training of the body to be healthy and free from disease and of the mind to be disciplined, clear and attentive.

Iyengar yoga is a type of hatha yoga that uses a variety of yoga postures (asana) and pranayama, especially put together in a number of different sequences to solve specific physical and mental issues. Yoga postures are systematically reached, and are held for a relatively long period of time. The intense focus on the subtleties of postural alignment develops stability, and a meditative mindset. To facilitate the achievement of perfect alignment, Iyengar developed over 50 yoga props that offer support if necessary. This makes all yoga postures accessible to everyone, allowing practitioners of all ages and physical conditions to access the benefits of yoga.

Iyengar yoga uses asana and pranayama to generate, “alignment of the motor nerves with the sensory nerves. This requires intellectual reflection and skillful actions without distorting even the minutest part of the anatomical structure of the body, so that the bones, joints, muscles fibres, the energy, the mind, and the intelligence are in harmony, and the life force touches all the concerned layers of the body.” BKS Iyengar.

Mission and Core Values

The Yoga Room’s mission is to assist and guide everyone in their individual yoga journey.

Our core values revolve around

  • Teaching from the heart as well as the brain
  • Cultivating persistence and will power
  • Proper demonstration and precise clear verbal instructions
  • Inquiry, safety and quality
  • Boldness and caution
  • Ongoing development



What to wear?

Your body should feel free while moving, so loose, comfortable clothing such as shorts and a t-shirt are recommended. Choose fabrics that allow the skin to breathe freely, such as cotton. In the winter months, lightweight tracksuit pants or leggings are usually worn. (Classes are taken barefoot.)

Change rooms are available.


What to bring?

Mats and props are provided by the Yoga Room. However, for hygiene purposes we suggest you purchase your own personal mat if you intend to practice regularly (either at the Yoga Room, at home or while travelling).



If you have any injuries or medical conditions, please inform your teacher before the class begins. Your teacher will be able to modify the way in which you approach the more challenging postures.

If you require specific ongoing therapy a smaller class or private tuition may be recommended.

If you are pregnant please inform your teacher before the class begins.

For women menstruating, avoid inversions and strong abdominal movements. (Your teacher will advise on alternative postures.) A consistent yoga practice can help to regulate menstrual disorders so continue to work actively, but gently. If in doubt, speak to your teacher.



Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach and bladder. Wait approximately 2 hours after a light snack or 4 hours after a heavy meal. Please do not consume water whilst in the class.

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