Lesson Format

The many class types at the Yoga Room are designed to target your specific needs!

The main teaching format at the Yoga Room is one-on-one or small group sessions.
From beginner to experienced teachers, no matter what your skill level, each session is personalised to your specific needs and goals.
Beginners are most welcome.

An initial 1-hour free consultation will be conducted before any class. This consultation will establish the foundation for the first lesson. The first session will be the beginning of your journey.   

What you will learn in a Yoga Room session is the skills and techniques to develop and enhance your practice of yoga. You will be guided to keep developing more and more skills until the practice becomes a part of you and, if all the conditions are right, you might actually experience yoga.

One-on-one Yoga Sessions

Following an initial free consultation the One-on-one sessions provide you the techniques and skills which when taken back to your own practice will allow you to connect more with your own body, mind and spirit. You will be given individualized attention and receive a personalised program especially for your requirements. These sessions are designed for participants of all levels from beginner to teacher.


Intensives are run every day (usually mornings) for one, two or three weeks. Each daily session will soothe the soul and is designed to introduce and develop the concept of balance to the yoga practice. There will be a strong focus on integrating the breath with the asana and the various kryia’s.


Workshops are normally conducted for groups with specific needs or desires to progress in an area of Yoga. The focus is generally Asana or Pranayama based but may relate any area of Yoga physiology or philosophy. You can join our mailing list to be advised of upcoming Workshops and other Yoga events.


Retreat practice gives you the time to rest and to let go of your normal day to day routine. It gives you an opportunity to nurture yourself, restore a sense of balance and well-being.

Yoga Room retreats take place in various locations. See the retreats pages in this website for information on past retreats and upcoming retreats. 


Corporate yoga classes are designed specifically for each workplace. These classes can be arranged to suit the time and equipment of the organisation. Corporate classes increase team camaraderie and personal wellbeing, making the work environment more creative, productive and enjoyable.

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However, these hours are flexible according to your needs. Contact the Yoga Room to arrange your initial consultation or on-going session.