The events that have taken place at the Yoga Room over the last couple of months have lifted the quality of Yoga up a notch or two. Added to this we’ve introduced people to the prospects of yoga as a way of experiencing and connecting with the cultural essences of countries around the world. With great pleasure, we take this opportunity to bring you up-to-date.

Asanas of the Month – Salamba Sirsasana
Inspiring workshop with Peter Scott
Recollections of our Tuscany Yoga retreat
The Healing power of Bali
Patanjali Yoga Sutra of the month
Quote of the Month
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Asana of the month – Salamba Sirsasana



Salamba Sirsasana – Headstand – is easily the most recognised of yoga poses.

Peter Scott.


Peter Scott’s in-depth explanation will help you appreciate the subtleties and benefits of this king of all asanas. For an in-depth explination click here.





Inspiring workshop with Peter Scott

Daniela Casotti


We were really fortunate to have Peter Scott at The Yoga Room, Burleigh Heads in May. We got to see first- hand why he is much loved by students in Australia and around the world. He gave an awe inspiring weekend workshop on ‘Deepening your Practice’. He took the process of asana alignment into more precise and intricate applications. His instructions were clear, enlightening and motivating. During our asana practice, he lead us into that state of awareness where body, senses, organs of action, mind and intellect work together to give lightness of body and calmness of mind.


Peter’s devotion to the art and science of yoga truly shone through. We all got to experience the benefits that deepening our yoga practices can bring, and how yoga can lead to more conscious living. Many thanks Peter.




Recollections of our Tuscany Yoga retreat

Laura Casotti


This was not just a week of yoga with two amazing teachers; it was a complete yogic experience where we got to explore the art of living. Generous spirits made for an unforgettable time. The retreat was a perfect mix of wisdom and fun.
From my husband’s description (he built the swimming pool at Poggio Tondo), I knew the Tuscan villa was going to be beautiful, but nothing could have prepared me for such brilliance and elegance! Nestled in rolling vineyards and olive-farms, and surrounded by breathtaking vistas, this paradise was spectacular!
We were met by the owner, Filippo and and his partner, Martina, who were really chilled out, and down to earth. They showed us to our stylish rooms, and told us to treat this place like home. Right from the start I instinctively knew that this wasn’t just a retreat location, it was a home- a place I felt I belonged- a place I knew I’d return to.
We got to know our fellow retreaters over a gourmet lunch, made by ‘mamma’. It didn’t take us long to feel comfortable around each other, a family atmosphere had already been established. The next morning, Maurice made it clear that the weeks’ yoga practices were going to make a huge impact on our lives. And that afternoon, Daniela made it clear that our understanding of yoga will reach a new depth. These were understatements!


Maurice empowered me to go beyond what I had considered to be my limitation. While disciplined, and well-organized, his refreshing sense of humour made the classes’ fun and motivating. Daniela’s passion for yoga philosophy and restorative practices was a welcomed balance. I not only moved beyond my limitations, I got to understand the significance of doing so, and found ways to deeply nurture myself while moving into unchartered territories. I got more out of spending a week with Maurice and Daniela than I’d gotten out of 10 years of being a yoga practitioner.
…And the food was amazing! We got to experience why food is a central part of Italian family life.  Every meal was a delicious treat. Much of our socializing was done whilst sharing meals. Mostly organic; mostly grown on the property and cooked with love. Sustainable living was an important consideration- and the thought put into it shone through.
Prior to the retreat my cousin, Daniela, and I had the holiday in Tuscany all planned. We were going to offer visits to renaissance palaces, ancient Romanesque churches, as well as see masterpieces by famous artists. But the moment I arrived at our villa, I knew the group didn’t have to go any further to get the Tuscan experience. Sight-seeing cannot give you the family experience that is so central to the Italian culture and to this yoga retreat. Added to this, there were charming, authentic villages just a short walking distance away through striking country side.  We were immersed in Tuscany, which meant that we could spend more time getting the benefits out of yoga.



As a treat however, I took the group to the thriving medieval city of Lucca. Miraculously, the unique wall system surrounding the city, built 5 centuries ago, still remains intact. I told stories of bravery and romance delighted showed them the local medieval museums, stunning cathedrals and mansions built for wealthy merchants. We were also fortunate to experience the natural thermal baths in Montecatini.
I’m happy to hear that Maurice & Daniela will be offering this experience again next year. Everyone should in fact experience this at least once in a life time. I’ve written the date in my calender, and intend to be there again next year.


Editor’s note:
Next year we will be running a 10 day yoga retreat in Tuscany. Dates for next year’s retreat are 31st May to 12th June 2015. See the events page for details.




The Healing power of Bali

Daniela Casotti


Known as “The Island of God”, Bali has always been a spiritual destination. Every home has its own temple, and on a daily basis, small offerings of rice, flowers and incense are made. This is a place where the people have a strong relationship with the land, each other and the Divine. Doing a yoga retreat against this backdrop is deeply moving and powerful.


This year our retreat was in Penestanin close to Ubud. The artistic and cultural essence of this place generates an ambience of tranquillity. Truly a place where one feels spiritually inspired, revitalized and loved. It was on this yoga retreat, and amidst the gracious gentility of the Balinese, that I began to walk again without a limp…


It’s been eight months since I broke both my feet and fractured my spine. I’ve been following the Western method of repair: RICE- Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation… and of course patience. Lots and lots of patients! But the pain and swelling of my left foot has been relentless.


When Made (who, along with her husband Karja, runs the guest house where we did our retreat) saw me limping, she asked me what happened. I told her about my accident. Out of interest, I asked her how they went about repairing such injuries in Bali. The next day she showed me.
On the back of her motorbike, we drove past spectacular green terraced rice fields and traditional villages before turning into a type of cul-de- sac. A man sat on the floor of his verandah. Made explained to him what had happened. With a gentle cheerfulness, he took my foot, prodded it one way, curved it the other, and then jolted it back into alignment. It was done so quickly, I didn’t have time to scream. It left me dazed and not knowing how to respond. He then told me to lie down and relax.


While lying down on his front verandah (no chairs, no massage tables, no cushions), a young girl, maybe 10 years old, hobbled over with her mum. Her foot was visibly broken. The look of anxiety written on her face showed that she was wise to what was about to happen. Within about 5 minutes, she had left her screams behind, and was walking away with ease. I just looked at Made in astonishment. “That is how we do it in Bali” she said.



After a few more adjustments, I walked away- swelling considerably diminished, and without a limp! I was speechless. I saw some incredible sights whilst sitting on I-Made-Parta’s verandah. A steady flow of people with newly acquired breaks, sprains and fractures passed by, all restored in a few moments of manipulation. Frequent shrieks intermingled with sighs of relief filled the air, and then off they went to resume their duties.


After work done on my feet, spine, shoulders and jaw, I expected I-Made-Parta to recommend that I go home and rest. Instead he said ‘now go and do yoga’. Thank God we were here for a yoga retreat!


It was an inspirational Yoga Retreat. Both challenging and soothing. We all enjoyed the opportunity to rest, recuperate, reinvigorate and reflect. We all bathed in the warmth of Bali- its people, its culture, its food and it’s climate. Coming back to wintry Australia after balmy of Bali was a challenge. But knowing that we’ll have the opportunity to step outside the winter blues again next year made it easier.


Next year we’ll be putting on a 10 day Bali yoga retreat. Focusing on balance and harmony, we’ll be spending half the retreat connecting with the energy of the ocean at Nusa Lambongan. Then we’ll be spending the rest of the time connecting with the energy of the mountain air at Sidemen.


Dates for next year’s retreat are 15th to 27th June, 2015. See the events page for details.




Patanjali Yoga Sutra of the month
??????? ???? ???????????

Chapter 1 verse 48
?tambhar? tatra prajñ?||48||
When consciousness dwells in wisdom, the truth bearing state of direct spiritual perception dawns

BKS Iyengar. Light on the yoga sutras of Patanjali Pg 95.





Quote of the month

Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.




Upcoming events




Spring Morning Yoga Intensive


Maurice McCann

When: 8th to 27th September, 2014

Where: Yoga Room, Burleigh Heads

Price: $295

This year we will be having a special Spring Yoga Intensive. The Intensive will run for 3 weeks (18 days). Maurice will be fresh off the plane after spending one month in RIMYI, the heart and soul of Iyengar yoga- in India! So not only will you be shaking off the winter weather, you’ll be given this rare opportunity to explore the latest developments in Iyengar yoga!


Call us on 0438 837 244, or email to book your place.



2015 Tuscany Yoga Retreat

Maurice McCann and Daniela Casotti

When: 31st May to 12th June, 2015

Where: Valdinievole, Tuscany, Italy

Price: Share € 2,490, Single € 2,790

Join us on our yoga retreat in Tuscany. We will be staying in a 15th Century farmhouse just 15km from the medieval city of Lucca and 30 km from Florence. This incredible oasis lies amidst open expanses of vineyards and olive trees. 11 nights’ accommodation, 10 full days of yoga- five hours a day, and 3 meals a day. Limited spaces are available. Book now! Call 0438 837 244, or email





2015 Bali Yoga Retreat

Maurice McCann & Daniela Casotti


Half the retreat will be right next to the ocean in Mushroom Bay Lambongan Island. The other half will be held in the mountains near the traditional village of Sidemen.

When: 15th – 27th June 2015

Where: Nusa Lembongan & Sideman, Bali

Early Bird Price: $1,990 Shared,
$2,250 Single

For more information click here.



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